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Insurances & costs

In Switzerland different laws and fares are applicable, depending on which kind of ilness or accident (including the circumstances of  its occurrence) is involved:

These four “basic insurances” reimburse medical costs as per a national unified fare (Tarmed), listing all medical acts and services that may be billed and that will appear on your bill.

In case of ambulatory operations :

After deduction of the franchise (which varies from one insurance policy to another), insurances will reimburse 90% of the costs in case of illness and accident (if unemployed) and 100% of costs in case of accident (if employee) for all ambulatory interventions (day surgery) performed in the Center.

In case of operations requiring hospitalization:

Complementary insurance policies (LCA law) reimburse operation and hospitalization costs as well as some ambulatory costs that are always specifically listed in the contract. You must check your contract or call your insurer to obtain a written confirmation that they will cover the additional fees.
If you must be hospitalized due to illness and you do not have a complementary insurance policy covering semi-private or private categories, you will not be reimbursed. In case of an accident, the LAA insurance of the employer may take in charge costs for hospitalization in the clinic.

Do not hesitate to ask or call the secretaries or any member of the billing staff Monday Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 022 595 08 88 to clarify any question about insurances or billing procedures.

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