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What is hand therapy ?

Occupational therapy for the hand is recommended for people with limited joint mobility or other functional abilities following injury or illness.
The goal of hand therapy is to optimize the recovery of movements and sensitivity of the hand, as well as to help during the healing phase for daily activities and painful conditions, in order to eventually recover autonomy.

Occupational therapy as well as mechanical assistance (protective or dynamic splints) that may prove to be necessary in some cases will help patients recover faster and more completely the use of the disabled hand.

To meet these goals, we provide various treatment methods such as :

The patient’s active participation during the whole rehabilitation period is an important and favorable factor in the recovery process.
The best results after hand trauma or disease is obtained by combining the efforts of the patient, the surgeon and the hand therapists.
Our experienced hand therapists will give all the necessary advices to help the patient on the way to full recovery.

The insurance companies cover occupational therapy and specific equipment used for it. Hand therapy treatments are billed separately.

The hand therapy service participates in the training of occupational therapy students in sessions set up in collaboration with the Hautes Ecoles Spécialisées romandes.

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